World mobility observatory

Mapping the future of mobility together

A 360° view of mobility behaviors

A full access to updated and comparable mobility indicators


A worldwide coverage of urban areas

30 cities, 19 countries

The cities at the crossroads of mobility


of the worldwide population will live in urban areas in 2050.


Traffic congestion economical impact will double in the next 15 years if nothing is done to address the situation


Size of Beijing car fleet shortfall due to purchase and circulation restrictions for 5 years


A segmented view of urban mobility

City core
Upper megacities

Tokyo, Seoul, New-York...

Western traditional cities

Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco...

Fast-developing cities

Jakarta, Shanghai, Beijing...

Two-tier cities

Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg...


A ten years prospective to anticipate the future of mobility

What are the impacts of new mobility solutions on the regular market ?


An exclusive segmentation of urban behaviour

Public policies

An anticipation of mobility offer & regulation program


An Outlook of products & services evolution in urban areas

Economical context

A scenarisation of all impacting dimensions (energy, costs...)

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BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

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BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

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BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

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