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World Mobility Outlook

A 360° view of

Global mobility data, all in one place

Currently covering 30 of the largest cities worldwide, the World Mobility Outlook provides extensive data on mobility , from local regulation to modal shares and vehicle preferences. A country-level coverage in China and Europe G5 countries completes the city-level vision.

Benchmarking, visualisation, customer-segmentation… All in one interactive platform.


Mobitypes® is a customer-based segmentation created by le BIPE to classify individuals’ mobility behaviour, according to their needs and choices of transportation modes.

Using Mobitypes®, make sure your transport solutions or automotive products cater to your potential customers, in all the major markets.

Strategic insights and outlook

What will be the impacts of new mobility solutions on the car manufacturing market? What is the likely modal share of ride sharing? The prospective scenarios of World Mobility Outlook tell you all about the upcoming mobility landscape.

All the tools to understand and predict mobility in cities

Le BIPE, a reference in Mobility

10 years working on mobility
The WMO started in 2008 in Europe and has progressivly extended in terms of geographical coverage as well as contents.

Supporting major players
Le BIPE works for most of the major players of the automotive and mobility industry worldwide.

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